Security consulting

With significant experience in the field of security (protection, escorts and transportation, equipment, alarms etc…), ARMACO is proud to present itself as the solution to all your security concerns.

In addition to our range of in-house personalised services, we offer our deep local knowledge to steer you towards the right choice.

Security and investigations

A leading figure within the industry, Armaco Security will guide you through your changing needs in order to eliminate as much risk as possible to your property, your company, your family, or yourself.

Risk Analysis

We work together with you to analyse your risks and find an efficient solution to prevent serious threats. This risk analysis is developed through collaboration with private security specialists and partners and suppliers from many different areas. Through this analysis, your security expert will be able to show you the weaknesses in your project and propose effective measures to increase the security level.


An overall security strategy requires analysis of multiple parameters. Based on the people, their habits, their security needs (goods, persons, objects) as well as any other risks inherent in a location, we can offer you the most suitable solutions in terms of mechanical, electronic or human protection.