Monitor your home or premises

We carry out surveillance of your premises and will act rapidly when needed.

Installing top-security equipment

Doors and windows • Outdoor lighting • Gates and fences • Generators and compactors • Employees and company vehicles – fire extinguishers and emergency exits.

We also respond following false alarms at our client’s premises, which are linked to a certified 24 hour teleprocessing and alarm reception centre, such as Certas Suisse.

We respond immediately to any alarms transmitted to us. We ensure the security of the premises and call the security company, thereby avoiding unnecessary calls to the police in case of false alarms.

Pro-active surveillance patrols by qualified personnel

Our highly trained employees undertake a detailed inspection of your building/estate, your equipment and your outside tools, as well as your other goods. All vehicle movements on your property, including those of service and delivery vehicles, messengers and garbage trucks, are monitored and recorded.