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Have you thought about all aspects of your safety?

Armaco Security clients benefit from:

  • Peace of mind 

  • Reduced risk

  • Protected revenues

  • Protected company image and reputation

  • Uninterrupted operations

  • Fully informed decision making

  • Improved business security strategy

We are an independent consulting company specialised in general security and security equipment, working directly with clients and their businesses to put in place the most effective security strategy possible.

Our Expertise


Detailed visual checks of your building/estate as well as any inside or outside equipment.


Installation of security solutions, alarm and video surveillance to protect your property.

Security Consulting

Risk assessments to find the most efficient measures to prevent security breaches.


Advice, sale and installation of safes according to your needs. Safes serve as a key piece of furniture allowing you to protect your valuables from theft, fire etc…

Personal Protection

Bespoke protection, prepared to fit every individual’s specific needs, in all types of location and situation.


Our actionoriented, combatready operatives combine qualities of loyalty, honesty and confidence to work with faultless professionalism.

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