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Video surveillance comprises a camera system placed around a public or private space to monitor it. Images obtained by the system are viewed and/or archived. Such a system can prevent crime (theft, assaults, etc.) and can also be used to manage groups of people (crowd movements etc…)


Alarm System | Break-ins

A break-in begins as soon as an intruder trespasses onto your land, not just when they break into your building.

All the risks faced by businesses are connected to individuals or groups of people trespassing onto their property. Most acts of vandalism are typically carried out after an act of trespass by people with bad intentions. The ability to detect trespassing allows companies to prevent other more serious threats, such as theft, damage, fire etc…

You should therefore also secure the outside of your premises to deter and protect against burglary. Around the building install flashlights (lights with infrared motion detectors), which serve both as a deterrent and guidance through the darkness.


Ensure the light is a minimum of 2-4 metres off the ground. The motion detector should be oriented towards the front and detect only from a height of about 50 centimetres, so that stray animals do not unnecessarily activate the light).


Secure ladders or other objects so that they cannot easily be moved and used to climb balconies or rooftops. If a neighbour has a view onto your property they can also alert the police to anything suspicious.


If a neighbour has insight into your premises, he or she can alert the police at the slightest suspicious sign. If possible, also close the garden gate with a key.


There are several different detection systems available, with different aims, uses and specifications.

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